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There is something to be said for not only knowing what ingredients you are putting on your skin, but also knowing what those ingredients do. With so many amazing natural oils out there it is a challenge to learn about them all. But we are up for the task and will divulge the many secrets of the oils we use one by one in the weeks to come!

So today I am going start by highlighting one ingredient that we love here at back to basics skincare, tomato seed oil.

Tomato seed oil is a stable, highly penetrating oil that helps fight free radicals and signs of aging thanks to its content of lycopene, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and B, nutrients, beta carotenes and phytosterols and more. All of these nifty ingredients make Tomato Seed Oil imminently suitable for dry, oily and combination skin and can be used in a lot of different personal care applications:

  • Mature / Aging Skin
  • Damaged / Dry / Cracked Skin
  • General Skin and Lip Care
  • Brittle and Damaged Hair
  • General Hair Care

Among its many amazing qualities, this oils qualities, lends itself especially well incorporated into skincare. Tomato seed oil rejuvenates aging skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and maintains glowing skin, restores skin antioxidant defenses, quenches UV induced free radicals, protects against acute and chronic skin photo-damage. Tomato seed oil also tackles age spots, Improves elasticity, tone, and encourages regeneration of skin cells which gives it some curative qualities and helps heal skin problems. It is quite the miracle working oil that any skin type needs to look its best.

We use this oil in our best selling Rose Hip Radiance oil

Manon von Csiky-Sessoms