Customizing skincare: we all need products that make life easier | The Basic Code

Back to Basics Skincare

Skincare isn’t one size fits all, everyone has a different skin type and different skincare needs. Some people like having an extensive skincare routine, and others want something quick and easy. Whatever your skincare routine is there should be some products in your routine that make your life easier. We set out to formulate skincare products that can be added in your daily routine seamlessly, no matter how complicated or simple. Let's dive into some of the ways we like to customize our routines with our back to basics' oils:

      i.         Mix and match w/ each other: Back to Basics Skincare oils can be mixed and matched with each other. The oils on their own are a great way to enhance your skincare and give your skin an amazing boost, and a healthy complexion. However, when they are mixed together you truly get something magical. Our favorite way to mix the oils together is at night. We like to add two drops of each of the oils, mix them together and use them as a night treatment. To read more about the oils and mixing them together read this amazing article by Bloom & Clementine and how she likes customizing them!

     ii.         Mix and match w/ other products: Our oils also mix really well with other products. They add a little something extra to the product and give it an amazing boost. Your skin will be glowing and look really refreshed after mixing them with serums, oils, moisturizers,etc...This is our favorite trick for the transitional months when our skin really needs a little something extra.

   iii.         Mix with Foundation: Ladies, this is the best year round trick. This just turns your foundation into an amazing serum foundation that not only makes you look flawless but does something for your skin too! In the winter this trick is amazing when your skin is dry and is looking dull. In the summer this will help you get that JLo glow we all strive to achieve. During the transitional months it will give your skin a boost when it's feeling and looking lackluster. The foundation trick is one of our favorites to looking flawless and youthful all year!

   iv.         Beard Oil: Fellas, we all love your beards but a lot of the time they need some extra TLC. Our oils are not only amazing for your skin but they also help with razor burn and won’t irritate your skin if you already have razor burn (it happens to the best of us.) These oils will help soften your beard and really hydrate the skin underneath. Adding these to your routine will help boost your skin, keep your beard looking healthy and honestly what more could you want? Plus this means one less product in your routine; they are a beard oil and skincare moisturizer in one!

Finding customizable products that have been formulated to play well with other products is really amazing. It cuts down on the amount of products you own, helps you adjust your routine based off of what your skin needs during the different seasons and really makes life easier.