Ingredient Spotlight: Kiwi Seed Oil | The Basic Code

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One of my favorite ingredients we use in our products is Kiwi Seed Oil. It is such an amazing ingredient that can help solve a great deal of skincare issues people have. Like most people I suffer from the dreaded after-acne dark marks. Even when my break out is gone there is still evidence that it was there which is so unfair! Kiwi seed oil had so many wonderful qualities that helps with issues like dark marks.

What else does it help with?

Kiwi Seed Oil regenerates skin cells and effectively moisturizes and improves skin elasticity, dark marks, dryness and large pores. This oil is one of the richest vegetarian sources of the essential fatty acids alpha linolenic acid and linolenic acid. It is highly nourishing and moisturizing and is well suited for all skin types including aging, dry, damaged and problem skin.

I mean what's not to love? It is not only suited for all skin types but it helps with cell regeneration which is key to getting rid of a lot of skin issues! Kiwi seed oil can also be used in hair care! It is remarkable moisturizer for use in hair care products intended to restore vitality to dry, brittle and lifeless hair. Who would have thought?

This oil is a god send in our rose hip radiance oil. It really helps bring a youthful glow to the skin while solving a plethora of skin issues. Next time you're looking for a skincare product to help with dark marks, wrinkles and enlarged pores, see if it has kiwi seed oil!

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